Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A 21st Century Revolution

Disclaimer: All of the quotes here are approximate. I hurried to write them down last night, but I'm not the best scribe.

"Every Generation needs a new Revolution." -Thomas Jefferson

Last Night, I attended a meeting at the Salt Lake Library by Pete Ashdown. The main purpose of the evening was to showcase and give a tutorial on the wiki feature he has added to his campaign.

He started with a very effective PowerPoint presentation. (OK, he was on a Mac, so it was a Keynote Presentation, but I digress.) His presentation introduced himself, and the reasons why he is running for US Senate. I'd like to see that in a DVD to be distributed to the masses.

The presentation also introduced the concepts of open-source Government and open source campaigning. Instead of being top-down and closed, he wants to see government open and top-up. He also wants to see this model used on campaigns.

I didn't have to use the same losing recipie the Democrats have been using for
40 years. -Pete Ashdown

I'm going to head over to the wiki and start collaborating.


P.S. Somebody brought nutcake, in honor of Orrin Hatch.

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