Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baghdad Mike

Remember Baghdad Bob? He was the Iraqi (mis)information minister who insisted the US did not have troops in Iraq, let alone the capital, while we were blowing the crap out of buildings around him.

I think we captured him, gave him a new name (Mike Brown), and put him at FEMA:

Despite pleas from two public hospital administrators that they were
running out of food, FEMA administrator Mike Brown said there is no truth to
reports food is scarce in New Orleans.

"The state has requested five trailer loads of MREs and water to be
delivered today. Those are en route. There was plenty of food to feed last night
in the Superdome. There was plenty of food to feed this morning. And there will
be plenty of food to feed this evening," Mr. Brown said. "So, any reports to the
contrary are just incorrect."

From the Washington Times, via Democracy for Utah


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