Friday, September 23, 2005

Rocky's an Ass

Rocky's gone and pissed me off again.

From Utah Policy Daily:

"Mayor Rocky Anderson organizing another peace march and anti-war rally (Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning News)."

Following the links, we see that Rocky sent an e-mail to everybody who contacted him about the protest when President Bush came to town.

He waited a month to respond, to time it with annother protest that he's throwing.

The only problem is (and the DNews points this out), he's not throwing the protest. He didn't throw the last one either. He didn't even know about it until less than a week before it happened.

Yet, he gets the credit. And therefore, the protest is not going to be about the war, the 1900+ Americans killed, or the billions being made by Bush's cronies.

It's going to be about Rocky.

And that's what makes him an Ass.


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