Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pete Needs Cash!

OK, I'm all for not going with the traditional plan of raising tons of cash for a campaign, and focusing on message. However, money is an necessary evil. As of the Spetember 30 FEC filing, Pete Ashdown is broke. Not broke as in he only has $20,000. Broke as in he's $140 in the hole. So broke that copies can't be made at Kinkos. Heck, the campaign can't afford to buy itself a Coke.

I believe that campaigns shouldn't have to beg for cash. However, sending out the occasional plea for money, via e-mail, would be appropriate. Even a mid-month reminder to donate your 20/20 contribution of $20 or 20 minutes of time. Use that mailing list you are building.

Or, like the Dean campaign did, make a push for cash for a specific need. Like, say, raising money to pay for a booth at the U. Make it something small at first. Then, later in the campaign, you can do high-end fundraisers like buying airtime for ads.

As long as money buys things like paper and gas, you need some to have a campaign.

To donate, click the links that deal with $.


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