Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two articles in one post

Today's Utah Policy Daily has a couple of interesting articles that got me thinking. The first one talks about the Republican Party's Contract With America, which gave Americans something to vote for, not vote against.

Over the long term, things didn’t go as the Republicans hoped, but using
the Contract was a brilliant election strategy because it was a real agenda and
gave voters something concrete to grasp.

The big question today is whether the Democrats in 2006 can come up
with an agenda like the Contract With America to give Americans a reason to
restore them to power.

The other article is a posting from the Federalist Patriot Newsletter, who is asking readers to sign a petition:

“When it comes to fiscal restraint and many policy issues, Republican leaders in
the White House and Congress have shown disregard, if not outright contempt for
the Constitutional limitations placed upon the central government. Congressional
Republicans have advanced the fastest growth in non-defense spending and
regulatory expansion in generations, and President Bush has not vetoed a single
bill during his five years in office. While Republicans have accomplished some
conservative-agenda objectives in recent years, they have failed miserably when
it comes to budget constraints, regulation and policy issues like immigration.
Enough is enough! American Patriots like YOU constitute the foundation of our
Republic—the so-called ‘conservative base’ that has been largely neglected by
Republicans too often since we elected President George Bush."

This is one reason why I looked at what my political philosophies really were, and did research to see where the parties really stand. That's why I am a Democrat.


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