Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ashdown, the MWC, and the BCS

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Over at DailyKos, I was reading through Pete Ashdown's diary about Hatch's recent poll numbers (losing 45-48% to "someone else."

And a poster said this, which got me thinking:

My only suggestion is for Mr. Ashdown to pledge to aggressively fight to get the Mountain West Conference into the Bowl Championship Series on an equal basis with all other conferences with automatic bids. Hatch held some hearings, but the simple fact is that the unholy exclusionary monopolistic BCS was allowed to come into existence on Hatch's watch and it continues.

This has resulted in untold millions of dollars being funnelled into schools other than Utah and BYU (and all other MWC schools) simply by reason of the existence of the exclusionary oligopoly.

This is an issue that is Utah-specific and should be aggressively pushed by any challenger to the odious Hatch, who has been a miserable failure in attempting to overcome the horrendous effects of the monopolization of the college football industry.

This is the kind of thing that polititions don't usually talk about, but would get people interested.

Pete, please do it.


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