Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Buttars posts his bill

Over on the Senate Site, Sen Buttars has posted the text of his anti-evolution bill.

He starts with a simple statement: "What I have wanted to do all along is stop opinionated teachers from teaching human evolution as fact. Scientists disagree on the origins of humankind. Young students should have a fighting chance to appreciate the difference between theory and law."

Opinionated teachers? I guess that teachers should have no opinions at all on any matter. Let's get robots to teach. That way, we can control them and pay them as little as possible.

Also, I might point out that the vast majority of scientists agree on evolution. It's even what is taught at Brigham Young University. And we all know what a crazy liberal bastion of secularism that place is.

However, if you read the bill, it basically says that it would be required for teachers to state that not all scientists agree.

Except, I'd like Sen Buttars to find me a real scientist who doesn't agree.

Just one.

You can do it, Sen Buttars. I have faith.

But if you can't, this is all grandstanding for votes. Which, given all the problems we really have in this state, is just plain wrong.


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