Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top Stories of 2005 ~~ Jr High Edition

I thought that next week, while I actually have some time off, I'd post my personal top 10 stories of the year list, as well as make a list of awards to hand out. However, today, I thought that I would pass along annother top 10 stories list, one you won't find elsewhere on the net. It comes from the Bobcat Bulletin, the student newspaper of Bennion Jr High in Taylorsville. Here now is the top 10 list, according to these Jr High kids:

10. Release of the XBox 360
9. Release of the iPod Nano (no iPod Video?)
8. Harry Potter
7. Star Wars Episode III
6. Brad and Jennifer (Pitt and Aniston)
5. Pope John Paul II
4. Bird Flu
3. Rosa Parks
2. London Bombings
1. Hurricane Katrina

What stories will make my list? Tune in next week to find out.


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