Saturday, December 24, 2005

War on Christmas VI ~~ I believe in Santa Claus

Yes, I believe in Santa Claus. No, not necessarily the big guy in the red suit who travels the world in one night, but in the spirit of Santa.

You see, where some people may see the getting side of Santa as ruining the holliday, I see the giving side.

Think about it. Santa has no income, no vast network of political friends, yet he works all year just to provide some joy and happiness into other people's lives.

And isn't that what Christmas is all about?

I have seen that joy and happiness that Santa can bring. Thursday night, my friend, who dresses as Santa during Christmas, called me to ask if I could give him a hand. An indirect relative had some sub-for-Santa gifts to deliver to someone in his Ward. However, the Ward didn't wnat the people to know who it was delivering the gifts. So, they asked "Santa" to come deliver the gifts, and Santa needed some help.

Words cannot describe the joy we saw on that family's faces. The parents, especially, had a look of great gratitude on their faces. The Spirit of Christmas was in the air.


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