Thursday, January 26, 2006

BKD I ~ You say you (don't) want an Evolution

Welcome to my first Butt-Kicking Day post.

Steve Urquhart has a post on his position on the "new and improved" anti-evolution bill (which has evolved).

Basically, Buttars' bill says that they have to present competing "Scientific Theories" on the origins of life.

However, to my knowledge, and Sen Urquhart's, there is only one "Scientific theory," which means Sen Buttars has wasted all of our time.

If you can name me one "Scientific Theory" other than evolution, I will give you $5. Also, if you play Blogshares, I will give you B$1,000,000,000.



Anonymous said...

jyNice Blog :)

Kita Kazoo said...

Good post! I agree! Buttars is an idiot! Why can't he leave the brain washing for the sunday school teachers to do? They'll do it gladly and for free...

Ron Millett said...

I would propose that genetic engineering is such a theory, actually scientific engineering proving many things about DNA. Evolution may theorize how life might have progressed from a state that is proposed for 100 million years ago, but we know exactly how e. coli's DNA was engineered to allow it to generate genuine human insulin for diabetics.

Description of genetic engineered insulin

Ron Millett
AI Software Engineer

Christian said...

Oh, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy obviously contains a scientific theory of the earth's creation, and so much more.


Ron Millett said...

Then, if your comment about the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy theory is a serious one, write it up.

Biotechnology is doing things every day that are far more scientific in all ways than many of the indirect evidence science that we rely on for evolution. And yet evolution is considered a fact, not a theory.

At the end of the day, evolution also must explain the complex intelligent capabilities that humans have , some of which we successfully simulate in AI--again real engineering examples.

Ron Millett
AI Software Engineer