Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Liberal Bloggers"


Don Stewart, an aide to Sen. John Cornyn says Reid is "opening himself up to a swarm of criticism by those who are offended by the vitriol spewed by that group. It looks an awful lot like an endorsement of their comments -- and that's an albatross he probably doesn't want."

Keying off some of Kos's writings, GOpers are trying to turn the phrase "liberal blogger" into a boogeyman phrase -- kind of like "Hillary Clinton" or "Nancy Pelosi" or "Howard Dean."

Or, in Utah, "Rocky Anderson"

Oh, but who is that group? YearlyKos, a convention to be held in Las Vegas, sponsored and organized by READERS of DailyKos.

From Kos:

But of course Republicans want to turn "liberal bloggers" into a dirty word since that's what they're best at. God forbid they run the country effectively, depriving us of material to use against them. But, rather than trying to figure out how to effectively govern, they do what they do best -- they try and tear down the opposition.

This is the same operation who threatened the Agonist's Sean Paul for discussing the Abramoff/Cornyn connection. Problem for them is that we aren't the traditional media. We're not afraid of them.

My take: Bring. It. On.


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