Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ashdown Interviews

There are two more blog interviews of Pete Ashdown, one from YDems, and the other is a friend of Pete's, Lori, who lives in New York.

From YDems:

YD: What areas do you need volunteers in?

PA: (1) Canvassing: We'd like to canvass Utah County. There's a very Tech-friendly atmosphere there. There are quite a few Tech companies there, and we think we could do well.

(2) Meet-and-Greets: The best way for me to get to know voters and for them to get to know me is through meet-and-greets.

(3) Fundraisers: We always need help planning them, staffing them, etc. We're trying to get a calendar of events up on the website soon.

From Lori:

I think the major problem is the barrier to entry. Most people think you need to be a career politician, a millionaire, or have a good family name to run for congress. I wish there were hundreds of people running for this office and not just two. I'm trying to attack that barrier head on by not doing things the traditional way.
The fact that every Senate winner outspent every loser in 2004 is obscene to me. Especially when you're considering the $5 million minimum.

Lori's interview contains some candid, interesting tidbits, some that you don't usually hear from a candidate.


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