Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cheney's Got a Gun

There have been a few blogs of late (Tom, BYU-I Dems, to name a couple) have been complaining about all the attention being paid to Dick Cheney's hunting accident.

However, I'm glad to see the media waking up. Maybe now they will start asking questions about the CIA leak (signs this week point to Cheney being the guy), The illegality of the NSA spying, why Bin Laden hasn't been found, etc. etc.

And, I want the following questions answered:

~Why did everyone say there was no beer involved, then Cheney said that he had had "a beer?" Which was it? None? One? or the unspoken more than one?
~Why is a man who is taking several cholesterol and heart meds drinking even "a beer?"
~Why hasn't he been charged with Obstruction of Justice for refusing to talk to the police immediately?
~If I were to shoot my friend, the first place I would go is the hospital, not dinner.
~If the property owner was asked to tell the media, why did she wait 18 hours, only then calling a friend at a local paper to tip him off? If I am asked to call the media, I tell the paper, the TV stations, anyone else I can get to.


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