Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dubai Running Ports Top 10

OK, so A company from the United Arab Emerites (UAE) is going to run operations including security at several U.S. ports. There is no such thing as a privately-owned company in the UAE, so that makes it a government-owned company. A goverment that, unlike Iraq, had foreknowledge of 9/11, and funded 9/11.

Because that's exactly who I want running homeland security matters.

Last week, Jay Leno compared it to letting Mexico run Immigration. That statement is my inspiration for the following bit.

From the Home Office in Holladay, Utah; Tonight's Top 10 List: "Having Dubai run U.S. ports is like..."

10. Calling Gateway anything but a strip mall
9. Appointing John "disband the UN" Bolton to Abassador to the U.N. (oops, never mind, let me try that again...)
9.2. Letting Chris Buttars teach science.
8. Putting Sean Hannity and Brit Hume in charge of media ethics
7. Mormons alaigning with the religious right, who think they (Mormons) are going to Hell.
6. Putting Jazz fans in charge of officiating.
5. Giving Rocky Anderson time to speak at General Conference next month.
4. Having Bill O'Riely in charge of teaching sexual harassment class
3. Fixing the problems created by the Florida Election of 2000 by addressing exactly zero of the issues that went before the Supreme Court, and going with a system even more mistake-prone, we-can't-ever-fix-this-type, system
2. Having teenage victims of incest ask their parents' permission to have an abortion
1. Having Orrin Hatch head a committee on Term Limits


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