Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Look at the candidates

A while back (I'm too lazy to do much research today, sorry), I posted that I will proably vote for Susan Lawrence and not Phil Reisen, and someone asked me why I'd do a crazy thing like that, and I replyed that I vote for the person, not the party. And, if more people in Utah don't start doiong that, we'll never elect a Democrat.

Rob Miller has issued a challenge:

challenge every Utahn to take a real look at the candidates the Democratic Party is recruiting. We have listened to your qualifications, we have found those who are qualified. The time has come to bring the debate back to our counties, to our State Capitol, and to Washington D.C.

Together, we can do better; we must do better, and the Democratic Party is committed to once again put our house in order.


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Anonymous said...

I had an email converstion with Susan 4 years ago about Radioactive waste. She claimed many things including; love for her childrens future and the willingness to stop utah from becoming a dumping ground.

she then prompty was placed on a committee who with a vote could have stoped future radioactive waste from coming to utah.

Guess? guess how she voted?

Why would you vote for this person?
Why don't you inform yourself? Ignorance to the true positions put forth by republicans only harms real working class utahs.

I don't imagine there is anything I can say, any fact I could show that would change your mind though...Just put your head in the sand and wait for the second coming.

god bless.