Saturday, February 04, 2006

Vandalize This!

After a long wait, we have a new post on Pete Ashdown's Campaign blog (donate), and it's about vandalism:

When my parents were starting out the family business, they exploited advertising wherever they could find it. The picture on this page is of their VW Bus with a handpainted sign across the top for the “Tutti Fruiti” juicer that was their product. It wasn’t long into the campaign that Dad got out the plywood and made an “Ashdown for Senate” sign that he proudly hung on his Ford pickup he drives around Bountiful, Utah. One of the most conservative cities in the state. The city I was born and raised in. The city I love.

Tonight I received an email from him.


My father had his plywood sign vandalized and stolen. My 80-year-old father, who was born in Bountiful when it had less than 2,500 residents. My father, who lived in a chicken coop when Grandma accidentally burned down their house. My father, who survived the Great Depression. My father, who volunteered for dangerous submarine duty in WWII and was placed by fate on a supply ship instead. My father deserves more respect than this.

When I started this race, someone called for a boycott of my business XMission and it didn’t bother me. A few months later, someone threw a brick through a $1,300 15 foot window at the campaign office and I wrote it off as kids. This, however, this bothers me. I must be underestimating my incredible political threat for people to be so low in response.

When I volunteered for Mayor Corroons race, I had an interesting conversation with his volunteer coordinator. They had had several magnetic campaign signs stolen from their cars, casing them to remove the signs whenever they were parked, greatly reducing the effectiveness of said signs.

I've also occasionally had notes placed on my windshield, as my car had Howard Dean and now Peter Corroon bumper stickers. There were some positive notes and some really sad notes. My least favorite note I recieved was when I was parked in the Conference Center parking lot to attend a session at the Salt Lake Temple.

"Howard Dean and all Democrats are tools of Satan. I hope you rot in Hell, you sinner."

Lovely, outstanding morals, don't you think?

Anywho, vandalism is, unfortunately, a tool of some immature political hacks. It is the equivalent of the four-letter sentance that starts with either an F or an S; it's what you do when you have nothing of subastance to say.


P.S. Bloggers for Pete is up to $44.04. Unabashed Utahn has joined the fray as a Blogger for Pete.

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