Friday, March 10, 2006

Those Crazy Liberal Country Music Artists

No, I'm not talking about the Dixie Chicks. Nor am I talking about Toby Keith, who is a closet Democrat.

I'm talking about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

McGraw specifically criticized President Bush. "There's no reason why someone can't go down there who's supposed to be the leader of the free world … and say, 'I'm giving you a job to do and I'm not leaving here until it's done....

Hill, who grew up in Jackson, Miss., echoed those sentiments. So overwhelmed, she uncharacteristically unleashed an epithet, calling the situation, "Bull- - - -"

"It is a huge, huge problem and it's embarrassing," she said.

"I fear for our country if we can't handle our people [during] a natural disaster."

Click the link above and scroll down to the bottom to hear the audio.

Oh, and they're coming to the Delta Center August 4!


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