Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Comment of the Month

OK, so it's only the 5th of the month, but I think I have found the comment of the month for my blog. I may be biased, because Shaun lives in my basement (full disclosure), but It was good. Full of insight and humor, and not the usual puns I get from him normally.

From the comments section of the post "Discouragement, Part II:"

I'm not sure you make a very good party man. Being critical in the face of having your time wasted is uncalled for. You should love and accept all that the party does for you even if you don't like how it does it.

Just remember, sometimes you have to go into an election year with the party you've got, not the party you want.

Now that I've deeply offended a good pile of people... Lets do something about this (this means you party members who want to do something, not just bob and I)!

Last year when you ran for county party secretary you ran on setting up a useful party website (among other things). People thought it was a good idea. Where is it?

I know I want to find people who will be good statesmen, not just good politicians! I think cliff is going in the right direction. Now we need to get more people who will follow through on things that will turn the organization of our local democratic party into a distributed group of independantly acting individuals. The ways of top down organization where people are dependant on being told what to do and how to do it must be abandoned in order to move forward.

Top down command and planning goes against what made our country great. The independant spirit of freedom, unbound by institutions and policy is what built everyting great and lasting.

What I'm really getting at is that we need to cultivate the spirit of independance in our fellow party members. Build ways for all of us to contribute and find out how to do things for ourselves *cough* wiki *cough*.

Forgive the rant, I just hate it when organizations aren't living up to their potential and I can't do anything to directly affect it.


Let's go forth and do.


P.S. -- strange things are afoot on my blog.....

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