Monday, April 24, 2006

Got Gas?

I've got gas, and it stinks.

No, I'm not talking about farts. That gross and juvenile and I know that it still is making you laugh anyway. Go ahead. The world needs a good laugh right now. I'll wait.

Welcome back. Sorry to kill your buzz, but have you driven past a gas station the past couple of days?

To show you how bad and how fast it's been:

Today $2.587
Yesterday $2.571
One Week Ago $2.341
One Month Ago $2.207
One Year Ago $2.227


That's over a 10% increase in a week!

Think if other things went up 10% in a week.

Or if gas keeps the trend.....

May 1: $2.859
May 8: $3.160
May 15: $3.492
May 22: $3.859
May 29 (Memorial Day): $4.264

That means a drive to Kamas and back for Memorial Day Weekend, assuming you get 20 mpg, would cost you $21.32, assuming you don't fill up in Kamas.



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Rob said...

This is the one I was talking about Bob.