Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm not liked

I found out the other night that Megan Risbon, the Chairwoman of the Salt Lake County Democratic Committee, doesn't like me.

I guess it's all the bad things I've had to say about the state of the party.

To which I can say one of several things.

1) So? Who cares if someone likes or doesn't like me. We're not in Jr High anymore.

2) Be glad that I was nice. If you want, I can post the post I wrote but saved as a draft that was quite vicious.

3) I know for a fact I'm not the only one who feels the way I do. I'm just more vocal about it.


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DemDiva said...

Regarding Megan, as Chair of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party,
I don't think "like you" or "not like you" is the issue. I think it is a matter of respecting someone who is doing the best she can with the people who step up to the plate to help. I am a volunteer as well as having other roles with the Salt Lake County Dems. I see the energy Megan puts in to this full time job, for which she is not paid. I have been with her when she has stayed up past midnight or not slept at all in order to get things ready for convention and other events. I have seen her patiently (and not so patiently) talk to candidates, reporters, and the public. There are some dedicated volunteers who help the County Party, and assist Megan with her duties, however, there are also a lot of jobs that still need to be done. I am reminded that if one doesn't like the way something is, then it is your obligation to do something about it. Talk is cheap. Being mean spirited and threatening does not help the Party. Get down to County Headquarters and answer the phones, help out with mailings, join a committee. I respect Megan, and every other Party officer who is serving the party; dedicating time and energy in a non paying job, and making themselves a target for all the blogs in town. You are free to criticize, and that is your right. I will be watching for you down at headquarters when you come to demonstrate your committment to making the Democratic Party stronger.