Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Annother Mayor Corroon Funny

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon gives us annother taste of his humor in today's Deseret News.

You see, appearantly, ReAL Sandy is pissed because someone at the county released their financial plans, which call for making money in 5 years, by selling out nearly every game. So, now they're not talking to the county anymore.

"This sounds like a bad high school date," Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon said. "All along, we've been trying to sit down with them and come up with a plan that makes sense. If they're not interested in sitting down and working with us, it's not a one-way proposition. Any negotiations require two patrons, not one."

Yes, Mayor Peter, it is a bad date. A blind date we've been set up with by our friends at the Capitol Building.

No more blind dates.


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