Monday, May 01, 2006

Bob and Shaun at the Republican Convention

If we had more time, Shaun and I could start a third joint blog (no, a joint blog is not about pot) called "the Bob and Shaun Show" with video of us out and about doing stuff.

This week's edition found us at the Salt Lake County Republican Convention. While some of the people we ran into knew that we didn't belong, we went largely unnoticed.

Well, as unnoticed as two large men, one with bright red hair and the other carrying a video camera, can be.

We picked up lots of campaign swag (if anyone wants copies of the compititions literature, drop me a line and I may have it). I am now the owner of some Orrin2006 buttons and bumperstickers to throw in a campfire sometime.

After a while, we got bored, and ditched out early, as we both had stuff to do (Heck, I even had a date that evening). We could have tried to cause trouble, but we decided the tought questions Shaun got in about Diebold and his Ashdown bumper stickers were enough trouble.


1 comment:

DemDiva said...

Dang, that would have been fun to see..Save me an Orrin Hatch button to toss..