Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Divine Strake

Next month, the U.S. government plans on exploding this giant bomb in Nevada.

It's the same type of explosives used in the Oklahoma City terrorist attack in 1995. Minus the rental truck. And the fact that it's 700 tons (or, if you like, 1.4 million pounds.)

The government claims that it is to test to see if it will blow up a bunker where a terrorist might be hiding.

Like the terrorists won't figure something's up when you are putting 1.4 million pounds of fertilizer on top of the cave. Because I doubt there's a plane that can carry that much.

In addition, they are blowing it up in the same place that they tested the nuclear bombs in the 50's. They tell us the ground is safe, but they told us that 50 years ago. Ask the thousands of people in Utah affected by the cancer caused by those bombs how safe they were.

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