Thursday, May 18, 2006


Last Saturday at the state convention, we were handing out "NUTCAKE" bumper stickers at the Pete Ashdown booth.

Many people asked us what they meant. She short answer goes back to last year, when President Bush showed up in Utah for an hour, and Sen Orrin came for a campaign photo-op.

When asked about the people at the protest in Pioneer Park, Orrin said that you'll find nutcakes wherever you go.

However, just being called a nutcake isn't enough. It's a term that must have meaning.

So, over the past several day, I have been coming up with an answer.

"A Nutcake is someone who is willing to openly share his/her opinion with the general public, especially if said opinion goes against the opinion shared by the general public."

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Rob said...

The hat I produced said, "humble nutcake"