Tuesday, May 30, 2006

World's Second-Worst blog

Orrin Hatch may have the world's worst blog, but one of the Tribune's 5-zillion blogs is gaining steam.

It would be one of their newest: Out of Context. It's where the paper's political reporters can show their "objectivity." Then, when the tough gets going, they use their new blog posts for their Sunday column, just to make sure they don't have to actually work harder.

Some recent examples:

This post complaining about Wonkette making fun of them (which she didn't even do).

Or, how about this one complaining maiking fun of a Democratic Press Release saying ""The press release flaying the Dominant Republicans as "failed, arrogant and irresponsible" wound up being more breathtaking for its bloated rhetoric that bordered on good ol' agiprop." This for a press release that was signed by nearly every Democratic member of the Utah Senate and House, and EVERY candidate for those bodies. And, it was over funding a program that would have cost the state 0.002 of it's "surplus." By voting it down, the state lost $5 million in federal funds as well.


Rob said...

Bob, your blog just keeps getting better.

DemDiva said...

Give 'em Hell, Harry..er...Bob!