Saturday, June 17, 2006

4:40 AM -- Why I walk

Someone just asked us why my ward is here. Most of the people who are here from the ward don't know why we started doing this.

This Relay for Life thing.

There is a wonderful woman named Myra. Her husband was called to be in the bishopric of the ward shortly before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. quietly they fought it, without telling anyone.

Even when word got out, in was done so quietly.

Someone heard of the event, and we participated as a sign of solidarity.

The next year, Myra participated in the survivors' walk.

Now, Myra is still around. We still walk to honor her, and many others. We made a list of people we know who have either died of cancer, fought and survived, or are currently battling cancer. The list has 24 names on it.

That's why we walk.


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