Saturday, June 17, 2006

6:43 AM

It's 6:43, and Shaun and I are watching yoga.

That is what we have come to.

The sun has risen in the east, and is casting unique shadows on the Walker Center. I need a digital camera.

Downtown is amazingly alive for this time of morning. I didn't even know people got up at 645 on a Saturday morning.

It was amazing the somberness I felt as I walked from 6-630. Looking at the bags with candles in them (I forget what they're called), decorated in honor of someone, is a somber reminder of just how vicious and deadly this desease can be.

Our event is almost over. We will be replaced with a global warming event/rally at 10. It might be worth liveblogging that, if it weren't for the fact that, well, I need some sleep between now and when I have to be to work at 330 this afternoon. Oh, and I have to be nice at work. Even more reason why I have to get a few winks when I go home.

Well, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled blog soon, probably on Monday.

Until then, adios.


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