Monday, June 05, 2006

BREAKING: Greg Curtis bought by Bryson Garbett

Salt Lake Tribune, April 30, 2006:

[Greg] Curtis has close ties to former Rep. Bryson Garbett, another Republican candidate in Senate District 9. Their relationship caused a stir in 2004 when former Rep Loraine Pace, R-Logan, claimed Curtis, who at the time was House Majority Leader, killed a proposed $8 Million state office building in Logan because it would have hurt Garbett, who owned the building in Logan the state was leasing for office space.

Not really that big of deal, right? Part of the fun of having a friend in elected office is to have them do favors for you, right?

However, it's a different story if you paid off your friend.

Bryson Garbett gave a donation to the Greg Curtis re-election campaign immediately following the legislative session.

And, it wasn't a small amount. It was to the tune of $5,000 on March 26, 2004.

The next largest single donation to the campaign was $3500 from Commonwealth Capitol LC, on March 25, 2004. I have been unable to find if there is a connection between the company and Garbett.

The phone number I found for Commonwealth Capitol is disconnected.

For those who don't know, $5,000 is a good chunk of change, especially for a leg district race.

Bryson Garbett is a candidate for Senate District 9.



Anonymous said...

You go boy! Keep up the investigative work. Somebody has to do it.

Anonymous said...

Does Bryson Garbett still have a primary, or is he the official candidate? Trisha Beck is also running for Senate District 9. Let me tell you about Trisha - she is a good, principled, experienced, thoughtful, and very congruent person. She will be the best choice for Utah Senate District 9. People need to pay attention to these kinds of differences. Get to know Trisha.

Anonymous said...

Garbett did not buy of curtis, that is ridiculous. I know the man and he is honest and has integrity, as we saw in the way he ran his campaign, he,unlike Neiderhouser, did not go negative once throughout his entire campaign. Neiderhouser lied about Garbett's great severence tax idea by saying it would raise prices at the pump, that is ridiculous because of all the laws that would prevent such a thing. Senate district nine lost out by not electing Bryson Garbett, but the next best candidate is trisha beck, even though she has gone negative it has not been lies or out of context like Neiderhauser. The voters also proved that the only way to win this election is by going negative. which the remaining candidates are doing. Vote trisha Beck.

Anonymous said...
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