Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What Really Endangers Marriage

I've sent a copy of this to Sens. Hatch and Bennett. It's a must-read, from annother DailyKos Diary:

I'm bone tired and disillusioned. I have listened to the Senate all day on C-Span and all the polticial pandering from the Republicans on the gay marriage ammendment. It makes me sick.

You know what is endangering my 30 year marriage right now? No, not gays and lesbians...they aren't even close. Not how someone decides to have, not that either. It's how am I once again, going to break the news to my huband after he has worked hard all day long, that we are in the hole again and it's a week before payday. I have 3 prescriptions to buy in a few minutes and I don't have the extra cash to buy them. One is my heart meds the other two are medications that are used to treat depression for me and my daughter. My co-pays are going to come up to almost $100 alone. I still have to buy gas and groceries for this week. In two months I am going to have to come up with college money for the fall semester....almost $6,000.

I have medical bills that need to be paid now. I'm so tired of seeing my husband working and doing the best he can when his best is never good enough. I'm trying to get a job but with my medical problems, it's making it hard. I just suffered a two week bout of asthma and I have a whole host of other problems that I won't even get into.

We are not a low income family. My husband makes over 70K a year but with a house payment and 2 car's taking everything we have and more. I can remember a time when we had a substantial savings account and we were contributing a good portion to his 401K and we were saving a little for our daughter's education. It's gone. All of it with the exception of the 401K. We have pratically no savings left and have little hope of any in the near future. The economy for me and my family sucks right now. Groceries and gas are out of sight. My health insurance is going out the roof. What are we supposed to do?

We don't spend a lot of money and try to live as frugal as possible. I'm just so tired of it never being enough.

This is more of a rant than anything and I appreciate you all allowing me to get his off my chest.

While watching the Senate go through this bullshit today, I just sat and cried. Who is speaking for me and my family right now? We need long term help. Not political pandering. Gays are no threat to me and never have been. Losing my home is a real concern. I need my medications and so does my daughter.

If any politicans read this...please do something. Go to your job tomorrow and say enough is enough. The American people are tired and want someone to represent their real needs and concerns. Please.


pramahaphil said...

Bob, move on! I enjoy your blog, but its over why are you still keeping this going.

That One Guy said...

Because he can... this space belings to him.


That One Guy said...

and "belongs", too.