Saturday, July 01, 2006

Things I wonder about

Just some random wonderings I have today....

Why is it that Senator Orrin Hatch can criticize the Supreme Court, but when I am critical of the Executive or Legislative branches of the government, I'm told I hate America?

Should I worry about my uncoolness when my future niece or nephew (due in December) has almost as many MySpace friends as me (11-14)? Or did the word MySpace just answer my question?

Why are many of the local large fireworks displays happening today, on Canada Day? Did we get taken over by Canada, and I just didn't get told yet, eh?



The Deseret Spectacle said...

He has to criticize the Judicial Branch to get the Constitution amended. By calling them "Judicial Activists" or "Unelected Judges" that rule "contrary to the will of the people" he can further engage in his election-year political gamesmanship.

As it happens, Judges are not elected precisely so they don't have to pander to the biased and fearful mood swings of the American people.

We have plenty of politicians (read: Sen. Hatch) that play on our fear and prejudice already.


That One Guy said...

Move over, hoser, and pass me one of those Molson's over there, eh, hosehead.


Happy Canada Day