Sunday, July 02, 2006

Two great editorials

There were two great editorials printed in today's Tribune:

The LDS Church, extremism and the leadership vacuum

And leading our headlong dash to environmental collapse? The Bush neocons. As echo chambers for big energy companies, they discount environmental science, censor government scientists and politicize the process toward the radical right wing.
They've hijacked the Republican Party, which for years stood for moderation and fiscal responsibility. But now, masquerading as "compassionate conservatives," the Republican credit-card Congress slavishly follows the neocons' special-interest agenda of borrow, squander, waste and pollute. Corruption, incompetence and cronyism riddle the bloated bureaucracy as we spend more on weaponry than the rest of the world combined.
Under the guise of religiosity the neocons have arrogantly insinuated the Republican Party as the party of Christianity - never mind that neo(new)conservatives and the New Testament have nothing in common. Does the LDS Church really want to continue to be perceived as a front for the neocons?

The glories of the flag are freedoms it symbolizes

"The beauty of our flag is the precious freedoms it stands for, even the freedom to keep it stowed in a dusty attic on the Fourth of July, or hang it upside down, or burn it in effigy for wrongs one thinks the government has perpetrated at home and abroad."

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