Monday, July 24, 2006

The two-party system

I just want to reinterate: The recent swarm of blog posts has NOT been coordinated. I think the LDS Democrats are finally standing up for ourselves.

That being said, there was an interesting comment on Emily Hollinghead's blog about the need for the two-party system, written by an LDS Republican calling themselves Love2deb8:

I really appreciate your comments. I am very active in both the LDS Church and Republican Party leadership. However, I feel strongly that a two-party system is superior to a one-party system.

In a one-party system, the party no longer has to worry about whether its candidates embrace its platform principles. They take for granted that their candidate will win and they become less responsive to the electorate. Having a strong and viable Democratic party is not only in the best interest of Democrats, but also in the best interests of Republicans.

I, too, often hear comments from other members of my faith saying, "How can any good Mormon be a Democrat?"

As a Republican, I am still offended by such comments. The two parties embrace different philosophies of how to solve problems. But neither platform is incompatible with my religious principles

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