Monday, August 07, 2006

Ashdown's "Moral Issues"

There is an article in today's Deseret News about how Pete Ashdown's stance on "Moral issues" are going to hurt him in LDS-Dominated Utah.

And, as you can imagine, I have issues with the piece.

These are the issues that the article talks about.

Abortion: Because it's the #1 issue facing most Utahns. In fact, General Conference was full of talks about abortion this past April. (Actually, it totalled 0.)

From the Church's Statement On Abortion, 11 January 1991: “The Church recognizes that there may be rare cases in which abortion may be justified—cases involving pregnancy by incest or rape; when the life or health of the woman is adjudged by competent medical authority to be in serious jeopardy; or when the fetus is known by competent medical authority to have severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth."

Orrin Hatch's website says: "Utah, and, indeed, all of America, should be a place where all children are wanted and where parents can be sure that their children are safe and secure. It should also be a place where the government recognizes that taking an innocent life is wrong, morally, ethically, and legally."

So, Orrin's position is not in line with the predominant Church either. Nor are most Republican's.

However, I like Ashdown's approach: ""let's control the demand for abortion with the sensible use of contraception, education and abstinence."

Marriage: Personally, I believe that govenment should stay out of ALL marriages, homosexual and heterosexual.

Death Penalty: I actually support the death penalty, but I believe it is used too much in this country, and has killed people who were innocent.

"[Utah and America] should also be a place where the government recognizes that taking an innocent life is wrong, morally, ethically, and legally" -Orrin Hatch

Health care: "Ashdown favors universal health care coverage for all who need it. He says current federal programs that work, like CHIP and Medicare, could be extended to the uninsured." (DesNews)

I'd be willing to bet that many Utahns would like to have health care. I know I would.

Tax Reform: The Utah Republicans were in favor of the flat tax before they were opposed to it.

Foreign affairs: "Ashdown strongly supports the United Nations, and he wants the United States leading the world in adopting a variety of treaties, including the Kyoto trade/global warming accords."

And this goes against "Utah Values" how?

Iraq: "[Ashdown] says there is a relatively easy way out of Iraq. Just conduct a national vote asking Iraqis when U.S. troops should leave. Then do what the Iraqis want, he says."

Hey, Iraq is a Democracy, isn't it?

Drug Costs: "A way to cut escalating drug costs is to ban general drug advertising — which is costing billions of dollars — letting drug companies only push their new drugs to physicians."

I've heard of many people going in and telling their doctor that they need perscription X, because the TV told them so. Let's let the doctors perscribe the drugs, not the TV. Save the "you've gotta have it now!" to sugary cereals and toys on Saturday Mornings.

Libertarianism: "Ashdown says in some ways he's a reluctant Democrat, and has some Libertarian leanings on keeping government out of people's lives."

Which is much closer to most Utahn's beliefs.

Oh, and while Senator Hatch has decided, in 30 years in office, that Utahns only care about 8 issues (abortion, flag protection, budget, social security, the Constitution, taxes, Defense, and transportation), Ashdown has 46 issues.



Steve said...


Mormons hate that!

That One Guy said...

You forgot one thing Hatch has decided in 30 years:

We need to deny the rights of them thar gheys to have any kind of social/legal benfits whatsoever. And the Constitution can be used to deny rights, as opposed to protect rights, if we craft it the right way, and get it onto the Sunday morning talk shows.

My Utah constituents aren't watching TV then, only the PA ones, so I can say whatever I want, the PA constituents don't have to vote for me.