Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bob Bennett, Mormonism, and Democrats, Part I

There's a story from last week's Ogden Standard Examiner that Rob Miller has reposted on his blog. Apperantly, Orrin isn't the only Utah Senator saying inflamitory things.

As for Utah Democrats, Bennett says the party has chased away Mormon moderates and is now a party of extremists.

"The Democrats can't bring themselves to have a big enough tent," Bennett said.
Bennett said he has heard from longtime Democrats who feel the party has been taken over by anti-Mormons.

I understand where Sen Bennett is coming from.

I have seen and witnessed the looks, the stares, from other party members when I have declared myself a Mormon. Many Democrats thought that Mormons for Dean was a joke.

It wasn't.

Those same looks and stares are the same as what I get from Church members when they find out I'm a Democrat.

I can see how that type of thing drives people from either the party or the Church.

It's not in my nature to run from these stares, these looks. It's my nature to stand and fight the negative perceptions from both sides I get stares from.



Anonymous said...

Here are some LDS Democrats that are/were on this year's ballot:

Steve Olsen for Congress - Current Bishop in the LDS Church

Pat Jones for State Senate - has been in the Stake Relief Society presidency and Young Women's President.

Debbie Hansen for Weber County Recorder/Surveyor - currently serving as the Relief Society President of the Eccles Park Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ogden, Utah. In the past, I also served as the Young Women's President in the same ward.

Elizabeth Rice McDonald for State House - teaches Relief Society and a temple worker at the Mt. Timp Temple.

Larry Daniel for State House - has been 2nd Counselor in a Branch Presidency, 1st Counselor in the Elder's Quorum, Young Men's President, Scout Master
Assistant Scout Master, Varsity Leader and Primary Worker

Trisha Beck for State Senate - Relief and Sunday School Teacher, Girls Camp Director, Primary Teacher, young Women Counselor. Word on Pioneer Trek.

Stuart Howell for State House - has been a Bishop and High Councilman in the LDS church and called to numerous other "church" positions.

Lisa Johnson for State House - Primary presidency & teacher, Gospel Doctrine teacher, YW Advisor, Pianist, Music Coordinator, Compassionate Service, etc..

Retireing Senator Karen Hale – advisor to 16 year old women in the Laurels

Told that Brent Goodfellow and Neal Hendrickson have both been bishops.

Early recruit for Congress was Bob Roberts, a return mission president.

CD03 candidate Christian Burridge is a Sunday School Teacher (LDS)

Kelly Ann Booth, Karen Morgan, Lou Shurtliff and Brad King are all active and likely would have church positions.

Carol Spackman Moss for State House - Relief Society teacher

Stuart Reid for State Senate -served as a bishop twice--once in SLC and presently in Ogden. Also served as a LDS Chaplain in the US Army. Additionally, worked as the manager over government relations for the Public Affairs Department.

Ken Peay for State House - currently serving in the Stake Young Men's Presidency in the LDS church. Just prior to that as a Stake High Councilman.

Norm Springer for State House - LDS Bishop a few years ago.

Paulo Diquattro for State Senate - Young Adult Representative for West Berlin Germany. Served as a Missionary in Oakland California. Was a clerk or assistant cleark in three seperate bishoprics in three different cities in Salt Lake County. Was a Ward Family History Counsultant, Sunday School teacher and President. Cub Scout Leader. Currently a Ward Employment Specialist and Fun Adult Leader.

Chuck McDowell for State House -returned Mormon missionary.

Neil Hansen for State House - has been in few leadership roles for the church of Jesus Chirist of Latter Day Saints including Bishop, high priest group leader, stake mission presidency, Stake high councilor, bishopric 2nd councilor.

Joel Briscoe for State House – a primary teacher, a Sunday School teacher, a Gospel Doctrine teacher, a member of a ward Sunday School Presidency, an Elder's Quorum instructor, an Elder's Quorum President, an Executive Secretary in a Bishopric, a ward clerk, a 1st Assistant in a ward High Priest Group leadership, a counselor in the Stake Mission Presidency, and currently a member of the Salt Lake Central Stake High Council.

George Mortimer for State House – bishop (twice) and stake president (once).

Steve said...

I find it especially hard when smart, intelligent, and politically aware people whom you really love ask you, "How you can you be a Democrat and carry a temple recommend?" That really hurts.

Jenni said...

My impression of Utah Dems, liek the nation as a whole, has been the opposite of Bennett's -- they've been moving further to the right every election year, which is why I joined the Greens in 2000. I've been learning that not all Dems in Utah are Republican-lite -- some care about the issues of fair trade vs. free trade, war for defense only, strengthening environmental laws instead of weakening them. Sadly, those Dems don't get elected (with the exception of Rocky of whom I know you aren't too fond) while Dems like Matheson do, which re-inforces the rightward movement of the party.