Thursday, September 07, 2006

More Rocky Anderson crap

"Maybe we should support the Green party candidate and send the message that when we elect a democrat, we expect them to be a democrat."

-Rocky Anderson, to KSL-TV, about how Jim Matheson isn't "Democratic" enough.

1) Rocky Anderson is *NOT* a Democrat! I have never seen him at a party event.

2) Having Jim Matheson in office, even if he isn't all that liberal, has done a better job for the liberal cause than John Swallow would have.

3) Go ahead and join the Green Party. Third Parties need high-profile people like you. And, you'd stop turning people away from the Democratic Party.

4) Let's face it, Rocky. You couldn't win a race outside of Salt Lake County if your life depended on it. Jim Matheson is the most popular politician in Utah.


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