Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What *DO* you stand for, LaVar?

From Utah Amicus:

Rep. LaVar Christensen was explaining his positions to a group of Southern Utah University (SUU) College Republicans. (The following statements have been paraphrased) He explained that how the US needs Utah to stay Red because if you vote Democrat we will lose our nation. As he continued his rhetorical fear based Nancy Pelosi grandiloquence, a young lady from the audience who was later identified as a SUU college Republican stood up and asked Rep. Christensen what he stood for. LaVar answered her question by spewing the same fear- inducing, bigoted discourse he is becoming famous for throughout the state.

After his answer the young lady said, "you still haven't answered my question, or maybe you have." She than sat down...

Lavar has 9 policy statements on his website. 3 directly say (I'm paraphrasing) Republicans, good; Democrats bad.

Many of the others are completely opposite opinions of the Republican Party of 2006.

LaVar (And I know you have a staffer who reads me), America needs Utah to elect someone who stands for something.

A house built upon the sand will sink.


P.S. - he quotes Walt Disney in his education policy. What a Micky Mouse operation. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

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