Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Endorsement: Rob Miller for Davis County Commission "A"

I first heard of Rob Miller from a Republican friend of mine. This friend had been a coworker of Rob's in the past, and they had developed a friendship of sorts. At the time, Rob was running for Vice Chair of the Utah Democratic Party. Putting partisan politics aside, our mutual friend tried to get me to vote for Rob.

Rob ended up being my second choice, and I was more than happy to vote for him on the second ballot.

Over the 18 months since then, I have gotten to know Rob better. I have found him to be honorable and just in his dealings with his fellow man.

But, there is one overriding reason why Rob is the best man for Davis County:

He puts people over politics.

He doesn't want Utah to be a blue state any more than he wants to keep it a red state. He's thinking more of a shade of purple.

It is a fact that companies who hire diverse people are more successful. I’m not a Democrat who wants to rule the world. I believe that two strong Parties are necessary for success. My Grandmother Helen Romney, former vice chair of the Utah Republican Party, was loved by members of both parties. Later in her life I asked her why this was so. She said, “Robby, when I speak to people who I might not agree with I say, I understand your position, I disagree, but I respect you. How can we work together?”

Respect and statesmanship is disappearing, but it doesn’t have too. Being a “Cal Rampton Democrat” I decided that it was time to take a more active role in politics; to take the Party I love, and to make sure that it is the Party it should be.

I am proud to endorse Rob Miller for Davis County Commission, an honorable and jusdedicatedicated to a bright future for Davis County.


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