Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bramble for Person of the Week

From Out of Context:

Alexis Miller, a 24-year-old Westminster grad who works at REI, was headed south on I-15 near 7200 South during Sunday's snow storm. Her Geo went into a 360-degree spin and slammed into a guard rail.

Uninjured but a little dazed, Miller climbed out of her totalled car to figure out how to get help.

"I could see in the distance the reverse lights of a huge SUV. It was reversing back up the Interstate towards me," Alexis remembers. "It backed up at least a half mile."

Out stepped [Sen Curt] Bramble. He and his family were returning to the Utah County Free State from a holiday event.

"He asked if I was OK," she says. "His family was welcoming and super nice. They were all dressed in church clothes, but they invited me into their SUV for 45 minutes to wait for a state trooper."

When she learned her savior was a state senator, she joked, "It was clear I wasn't a Republican."

Clear is an understatement. Miller's car was adorned with several bumper stickers, including, "Not My President!", with a photo of Utah's favorite president; "No on 3" (the anti-gay union amendment); and "Republicans for Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter's archvillain)."

But probably the most regrettable was, "Draft SUV Drivers First."

Miller, who even wiped off the snow off her bumper so Bramble could get a better look, not only lived to tell the tale, but, says, "He had a sense of humor about it. He laughed."

I just wish that care and concern for his fellow man carried into his politics a little more.

I hope his children learned a thing or two.


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