Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holly Mullen quits the Trib?

A Commenter on Plato's Cave as posted an email from Holly Mullen, (former?) columnist in the Salt Lake Tribune:

To: [Salt Lake Tribune staff]
Subject: FW: Goodbye and gratitude
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 16:02:19 +0000

To all my colleagues and pals:

Thanks for a great ride over the past nine years. This is a GOP (grand old paper). I'll miss it.

First, to calm the inevitable rumor mill: Like everyone else at the Tribune, I've been told to make my work local, local, local. And more local. Occasionally, I do like to take on a non-local topic. I did so for last Sunday. Terry exercised his editorial prerogative and pulled the column. I disagreed. I got mad.

Then I got smart.

Now for the context (that's the important part of every story, right?): My decision rests on much bigger stuff than this one event. It kicked me into gear. I've needed to move on to something else -- at least for six months, maybe longer. I've contemplated exit stragegies, scrutinized finances, tried to find a color for my parachute.

On Monday, I resigned.

I'd be disingenuious by not adding that much of my angst has to do with this industry. I honestly love a lot of the changes coming down -- snappier stories, a 24-hour (well, almost) on-line news cycle. I don't feel especially comfortable with reporters blogging. Mostly because their best stuff keeps ending up in the blog and fails to get in the paper. And also because ethics seem more than a bit blurry sometimes.

I enjoy Holly's comments, and I hope this isn't the case.


P.S.- I agree holehartedly about reporters blogging.


That One Guy said...

indeed, it is the case. Her column today was her last. I will miss her work. I think she's genuine and that's something more and more rare.

I hope she starts a blog, as she noted in her column.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am glad to see Mullen gone from the Tribune. Not that I'm a fan of former military intelligence officer (like Rod Decker) and neocon editorial and opinion editor Vern Anderson either. But Mullen's leftist claptrap was all too predictable.

I wish her well, but I'm sure that if nothing acceptable materializes, Mullen can score a gig flacking for Jenny "Who's Your Daddy?" Wilson's mayoral campaign.