Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Listen to Your Church Leaders

Too many good Mormons have trouble listening to the advice of their leadership.

:ike that whole "Priciples of the Gospel can be found in all major parties" thing.

Or this one, that is rearing it's ugly head:

A letter from the governing First Presidency of the Church was read in Sunday meetings worldwide in June 1995, urging Church members to submit for temple ordinances the names of their own ancestors, and not the names of deceased celebrities or Jewish holocaust victims.

I hope we hear a reminder letter in the coming weeks.

I remember back in 1995 when the Holocaust names were removed from the IGI. There were several cases where people had done work for Anne Frank (meaning she had been baptized multiple times). The IGI lets you know if a person's Temple work has been done so you aren't wasting time re-doing it.

I remember as a youth, going back to do baptisms for the dead for slaves. The person who did the research was not a decendant of slaves or of slave owners. But, they did it for the excitment level.

Unless you have traced yourself back to Adam, on every possible line, stick to your own dang family.

There will be time during the millenium to do everyone else's family.


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