Thursday, February 01, 2007

Miller vs Checketts

"This particular plan, in my opinion, is very ill-conceived... " he said. "Checketts, from the beginning, has said he wants a deal like Larry Miller got (to build the Delta Center, the Jazz home now called EnergySolutions Arena). Two major counts: Our plan to repay the debt ... will be fully paid off in (about) three years; he has no plans to repay any debt. And I brought my money to the table, and it was demonstrable. So, those are the two key things — and he hasn't done either.
"If a better plan comes along — if it's a viable economic model — more power to 'em, whether it's him or somebody else that owns them. I have zero problem with soccer being here, whether it's downtown, in Sandy or down in Utah Valley. But (the plan) has got to have more substance."
Asked if Checketts' failed bid might spoil the efforts of others seeking public funds for various projects, Miller responded affirmatively.
"He screwed the market up for everybody. Period. And he's handled it so poorly," he said. "I mean, he's a bright guy... Maybe brilliant. But he's made so many stupid moves.
"He calls the people (politicians) who are making the decisions 'idiots,' or words to (that) effect.... That's not a good plan when you're trying to get help. So, he's definitely muddied the market. But the good thing is ... any plan for something like that would be scrutinized on its own merits. (deseret Morning News, February 1, 2007

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Part of the Plan said...

Mrs. Part of the Plan's theory is that Larry is pulling the strings of Curtis, Corroon, et al in bringing about the demise of Checketts. She says Larry is a free-market conservative only as long as he owns the market.