Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Dream Last Night

Sometimes, I dream very absurd dreams (bet you couldn't have guessed that). Other times, I have dreams that make me stop and think when I wake up. Last night was one of those dreams. I put the dream in blockquote so you can tell where the dream ends and my thoughts begin.

The calendar said September 2008. Mayor Rudy was the Republican nominee for President. I don't know who the VP nominee was, nor who the Democratic nominee was. That was unimportant.

What was important was a story on KSL-TV. A new poll by Dan Jones and Associates had Rudy down by 70 points in Utah. This was based on the fact that, in the primary election season, there had been no clear winner going into the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. All the candidates had dropped out except two -- Rudy and Mitt Romney. Romney was the clear-cut favorite going in.

However, the convention took on a decidedly anti-Mormon tone. The Saturday before the convention, 30,000 members of the Crystal Free Evangelical Church (located off HWY 169 in Crystal, MN) decended on the St Paul Temple in Oakdale to hold a pro-Rudy rally. At the end of the rally, they threw molitov cocktails at the temple and nearby Stake Center, burning them to the ground.

AT the convention, anti-mormon pamphlets were distributed both inside and outside the Target Center. This made the stuff distibuted on North Temple during General Conference seem bad. SO many "Christian" groups had decended on Minnesota, hell-bent on destroying Mormons, that they missionaries were not allowed out of their apartments.

The leaders of the Republican Party caved to pressure from the religious right, who threatened to leave the party and start their own. On the opening day, the movie that was shown was Temple of the Godmakers by Ed Decker. Rudy's speech was full of hate and ridcule towards the Mormons. The Romney camp was unable to respond.

This turned many Mormons off to Rudy and his platform. However, the race was 50-50 in Utah until the LDS Church did something bold on September 1st. They announced they were recinding their 501(c)3 status in order to endorse the Democrat in the race. This was because of the hatred from the Republican Party that Thomas S Monson called "Persecution worse than in Joseph's day."

The fact of the matter is that the religious right, especially those in control of the Republican Party, are more like the people hanging out on North Temple than those inside of General Conference.



Anonymous said...

I can't help but think you made this up or seriously embellished it.

Most people don't recall their dreams in such detail.

And how convenient that your dream fits nicely with your political philosophy.

Part of the Plan said...

Anonymous sounds like your typical Utah Republican (white, Mormon, male) who remains in denial about the fact that the national GOP is controlled by right-wing religious fundies (Dobson, Robertson, Falwell, et al) who share a very narrow, strict interpretation of the Bible, one that does not recognize the faith and doctrine of the LDS Church. Poor delusional Utah Mormons can't quite grasp the undeniable fact that these religious fundies consider the LDS Church to be a cult and an aberration and they will never accept Mitt Romney nor any other Mormon as their presidential candidate.

However, your dream is still "absurd", Bob, because the fundies won't get behind Rudy either (New York accent, philandering, questionable business deals, that guy Bernie, etc.) No, the fundies will support WALNUTS! McCain.

Bob said...

Anon- Actually, I keep a dream journal next to my bed. When I wake up, the first thing I do is jot down any dream I remember. It makes it much easier to remember.

I feel very sorry for people who do not dream along the same lines as their political philosophy. It means two things: 1) you have several nightmares, and 2) maybe your sunconcious is trying to tell you something.

In all seriousness, this dream does fall into the first category of being a nightmare. I really hope things don't get as bad as what happened in my dream. Also, I do hope that Mitt is the Republican Nominee, because he is the best option out there right now from that party.