Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Washington Impeachment document SUCKS!

I just found and read the resolution Rocky is traveling to Spokane to endorse. (What, nobody from Washington State was availiable?)

It has to be the worst impeachment document ever.

The only specific reason they give was pre-war intelligence. Unless the President spoke under oath, it's not impeachable. In fact, I would think politicians would be loathe to make telling a lie an impeachable offence. We could impeach them all!

If this had been a case against a client of Rocky's, he would have justifiably had it thrown out of court.

Let's cite some specific laws that have been violated. There are some.


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Rich Warnick said...

President Bush admitted on national TV that he authorized NSA domestic spying multiple times, in clear violation of the law. That's impeachable.

Also, Bush signed a still-secret document (the CIA has testified to the existence of this document in court) authorizing torture and secret prisons in violation of U.S. law and international treaties.

Those Washington State people need to do better. And Rocky ought to do his homework before picking a losing battle.