Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Doing the People's Business

We've all heard of the Children's Advocates leading a petition drive to put the school voucher issue on the ballot. Now, annother wildly unpopular bill passed by the legislature has a petition moving against it. From GenRolly Speaking:

Five people, including Salt Lake County resident Doug Kitt, filed an application for petition in the Utah Lietentant Governor's Office late Monday afternoon seeking to overturn the Legislature's passage of HB38, directing Salt Lake County restaurant tax money to the Salt Lake Real soccer stadium project in Sandy.

Despite polls in Salt Lake County showing a majority of residents opposed the plan to use Salt Lake County sales tax money to help build infrastructure for the professional soccer stadium, the Legislature worked out a deal with Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and passed the bill over the objection of County Mayor Peter Corroon and other county officials.

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