Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Roundup

I usually like posts that stick to one topic, and one topic only. I also dislike posts that contain multiple topics in one post. However, due to some time constraints this weekend and some research I'm doing for some future posts, this is what you're getting.

~Rocky Anderson vs. Mitt Romney: I had this whole post created in my mind about Rocky's Endorsement of MittFlop for Governor in 2002 and MittFlop's endorsement of Rocky for Mayor-in-absentia in 2003. Then I read an article about it in this morning's Tribune. I'm still following up on a few leads to try and bring you the video, however.

~Vouchers: I'm still working on debunking the latest from Fit Hostess Families for the Twinkee Diet (a/k/a Parents for Choice in Education). I should have more early next week. However, Gov Huntsman is saying that if the referendum is successful, he'll want a quick vote, disproving one of FHFftTD's claims. For an update on the petition drive, see here.

~Real Stadium: I haven't focused much on this one lately, but there is a great story about the petition drive in yesterday's Tribune, and a funny tidbit from the St Patty's Day Parade in today's Trib.

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