Thursday, March 01, 2007


The Third Avenue:

For some reason, I was a moderate Democrat when I lived amongst and worked for liberal Democrats in Massachusetts. I was also fairly moderate when worked for the DLC, although I strongly disagreed with their advocacy for the Iraq war. But living in Utah again has made me much more partisan, although I was pretty partisan from birth.

I think it is because the Republicans in power in this state--with a few exceptions--are really radically reactionary. All of the Congressional Republicans from Utah carry water for the radical presidency of Bush-Cheney, who has claimed an unprecidented [and unconstitutional] amount of executive privilege and power. Some--like Rep. Bishop and Sens. Hatch and Bennett--have placed this duty above those of their constituents. I dislike bootlickers of all stripes, and Clinton appologists are just as annoying to me [and dishonest] as folks like Hatch and Rep. Patrick McHenry.

For its part, the state legislature seeks to outdo their congressional counterparts in unconstitutionality, partisanship, and ideology over constituents.

I, too, have found myself getting more and more partisan over the years, but my views on most issues haven't changed significantly.

The first election I voted in (2000), my ticket was split 50%Republican/50%Democratic, including a vote for George W Bush. 2002 Saw me lean a little more Republican. 2004 saw me lean a little more Democratic (I wrote in Mickey Mouse for President). In 2006, I voted for exactly one Republican, and she lost.

I once considered myself a moderate Republican. Since early 2004, I've been a moderate Democrat.


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