Friday, March 02, 2007


OK, so I've stuck it down lower, because things have worked out. Check back later for details.

[Origionally Posted 3/2/07 10:44 AM]

OK, fellow bloggers, one of our own is in trouble, and it's time to take action.

Sarah of tales of wit and charm ( has been asked by her bosses to stop blooging, even though she has never posted where she works or what she does.

Get out there, and let's show some support for Sarah. I'm calling a blogswarm, one we can all get behind.

Also, it would be good to add a little pink as a sign of support for Sarah.

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Lincoln said...

You can add me to the list Bob. (Although I probably didn't post anything meaningful. But check it out anyway.)

Shaun said...

I say for shame! I quit working there about a month ago and I'm not at all surprised by their bad behavior.