Monday, March 05, 2007

A Real Blog-a-Palooza

This Past Friday Night, Fox13 hosted what it called "Blog-a-palooza." It was supposed to be a place for bloggers to come hang out.

I didn't attend for multiple reasons:

1) I found out about it Friday Afternoon.
2) I had plans for Friday Night.
3) Said plans involved a party hosted by women. Chicks before Geeks.
4) It sounded like a big advertisement for FOX13's fake "blogs."

Davis Didjeridu went, and has this to say:

So the Fox 13 Blog-a-palooza was a complete joke. It was mostly Fox's web team, a few reporters, and their families. Much of the discussion was how cool was compared to the previous site. I admit that it is a vast improvement over their previous crapfest of a website, but it's nothing revolutionary. It appears every Fox station across the nation has a myfox_____ website, and therefore lacks the personal feel that KSL's website has captured.

I've been pondering this for a week, and I compared his report to our experience at the Utah Bloggers convention, along with the Davis Bloggers group that met last month.

And I got to thinking.

Maybe it's time to have annother big meeting. Have a panel or two that isn't near as tech-based as the last one.

So, what do you say? We could show the people at FOX what real bloggers look like.



Davis Didjeridu said...

Sounds like a good idea to me. If we can't get something as grand as that, perhaps a coffee-shop get together, would be good. The blog-a-palooza was a fairly exclusive event, myfoxutah bloggers only. So stretching it beyond that group and getting everyone to meet everyone would be good.

sarahbellum said...

I'm in. Sounds fun and I am full or free-time!