Saturday, March 03, 2007

Romney Makes Deal With the Devil

I've always thought of the devil being a pastey white, skinny chick with an annoying voice whose some people just love.

Well, the Devil or Ann Coulter.

Well, Mitt Romney has endorsed Ann. Ann Coulter then endorsed Mitt.

Ann is the queen of hate speech coming from the right. She is Rocky Anderson without the niceness.

I wonder which column of hers Mitt likes best:

John Murtha, Caving In To Arabs since 1980 (Feb 21)
Yellowcake and Yellow Journalism (Feb 7)
The Democratic Part: A Vast Sleeper Cell (Jan 3)
Kwanzaa: Holiday from the FBI (Dec 27)
Jihad is Fun! Vote Democrat! (November 1)
They Shot the Wrong Lincoln (Aug 31)

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