Friday, March 02, 2007

Utah for Obama Meeting Tomorrow!

The second meeting for Obama Supporters from Utah will be held at 2:00 PM Saturday, March 3, at the Downtown Salt Lake City Library (210 East 400 South) in Conference Room C (Level -1).

On the agenda:

Some of the topics that will be addressed this weekend include:

* Fundraising / FEC Regulations
o We need a volunteer to coordinate this effort.
* Events
o House Parties
o Meet and Greets
o Parades
o Voter Registration
o Book Groups
* Writing
o Press Releases
o Utah-specific talking points
* What do we, as a group, hope to accomplish?

For more on Utah for Obama, please visit

Other Groups of interest:
Mormons for Obama
University of Utah for Obama
Utah Catholics for Obama
Utah County for Obama
Utah State University for Obama
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(Utah's) Dixie 4 Obama

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